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ProCut Firewood

If you order firewood today, wouldn’t it be nice to receive the delivery tomorrow? That’s exactly what ProCut Firewood offers all of their customers. All of our wood is stored on concrete to keep a clean product and dried to less than 22% moisture.

You can rely on us for all your firewood needs including campfire wood, fireplace wood, BBQ wood and restaurant cooking wood.

You can rest assure if you order oak, you will receive 100% oak. Not a bunch of different species with some oak mixed throughout.

All of our wood is DNR Certified which means you can burn it in state parks throughout the area. All firewood is delivered for free and is available in full cords and half cords.

Get to Know ProCut Firewood:

ProCut Firewood offers a variety of wood species including oak, cherry, hickory, and apple.

Check out our cutting and splitting video

Contact ProCut Firewood today at 507-280-7780 and receive free delivery on your next firewood order.

Campfire Wood - Rochester, MN - ProCut Firewood


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